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Hands-On Review: AGV K6 S Full Face Helmet

AGV K6 S helmet
The new and improved AGV K6 S is the perfect helmet for all kinds of riders. With top notch protective elements and new technical features, this helmet is a force to be reckoned with.
Material & Build Quality
Sizing, Fit & Comfort
Value for Money
Extremely lightweight
Great visibility
Versatile helmet for different bikes
Different shell sizes to accommodate different riders’ head sizes
High level of protection
Easy to integrate Bluetooth system
No sun visor
Complicated mechanisms

Review Summary

  • The AGV K6 S is DOT and ECE 22.06 certified, with a high density and many safety features, while still being extremely lightweight.
  • The helmet comes in 4 different shell sizes, so you aren’t relying only on the padding to get the helmet fit right.
  • Some of the technical aspects are a bit complicated to adjust while riding.
  • It’s easy and relatively cheap to install a Bluetooth intercom system
  • There’s no sun visor, which is surprising for this premium of a helmet

An Introduction AGV K6 S Full Face Helmet

The AGV K6 S helmet is the new and improved model of the AGV K6, the perfect road helmet for any riding style. This helmet does it all: lightweight and aerodynamic for the sport bike riders, comfortable and Bluetooth system compatible for the long haul and everyone else. The AGV K6 S sits a bit in the mid-range of other AGV helmets, with more capabilities and comfort than other AGV K series, but not going on to a fully sport helmet like the Corsa R or Pistas. From a line of race helmets, AGV branches out a bit to present the versatile helmet for every occasion: the AGV K6 S.

First impressions

Opening the box and pulling out the helmet, I’m immediately impressed by the sheer lightness of this helmet. The design looks clean, modern, sporty, and included in the box is a helmet cover and an extra anti-fog lens, which I thought was a really nice touch.

Design & Styling

AGV K6 S helmet
A helmet that looks just as good on a sport bike as it does on a cruiser.

The design of the AGV K6S has the typical AGV sport style while still being versatile. The helmet is a bit more elongated than the previous K6 version, with the addition of a more pronounced rear spoiler. I’m also a fan of the front piece of the helmet, as some of the other AGV helmets I’ve tried on tend to jut out a lot more than I would like, and this one fits better to my face. I also like how there is a removable nose guard at the front.

AGV K6 S colorways AGV K6 S colorways

There are quite a few different colors and design options for this helmet. You can find even more design options on the AGV website

Sizing, Fit & Comfort

The AGV K6S is designed for an intermediate oval shape, which is the most common head shape and will fit many motorcycle riders.

The helmet also comes in four different shell sizes: XS-SM, MS, ML-LG, XL-2XL. I normally wear a Small or X Small in helmets, depending on the brand, and sometimes have an issue where the shell size is way too big in proportion to my body, and the padding is too thick to try and fill the extra space. I definitely don’t have that problem with this helmet.

Front view of the AGV K6 S helmet

The helmet is a bit tight at first, as it should be for a new helmet, without being too uncomfortable. It’s also very lightweight, so it doesn’t feel heavy on your head after riding with the helmet for long periods of time. As someone with neck problems due to heavy helmets, I definitely appreciate this!

Material & Build Quality

The AGV K6 S shell is made out of a carbon-aramid fiber shell and features EPS 5 density (on-par with MotoGP riders), resulting in optimum protection that doesn’t feel bulky.

Side view of the AGV K6 S helmet with visor open
Here you can see the shape of the neck roll in the back

I was extremely impressed with the feather weightness of the AGV K6 S. This helmet is extremely light, and you’ll definitely see a difference when you’re riding, as well as carrying the helmet around when off the bike! For an idea of weight, AGV claims that the smallest shell size (XS) is a mere 2.7 pounds (1.290 g). That’s insane!

The helmet also complies with DOT and exceeds the strict safety regulations of the ECE22.06 by a large margin, with a special shell design to protect the collarbone in case of impact. The safety features seem to have been upgraded from the previous AGV K6.

Technical Features

Chin strap

D strap on the interior of the helmet

It’s probably a personal preference thing, but I have to say that I’m not a fan of the chin strap. Supposedly it’s supposed to be much safer, but I definitely prefer the ease of latching that comes with other helmets. For such a high-end helmet, I would have expected a better chin strap than that, but to each their own!


I was blown away by the sheer clearness of the visor. The helmet already has an anti-fog visor installed, and comes with another in the packaging. I’ve never had any issues of the visor fogging up, and most of the time it doesn’t even seem like the visor is down at all! Maybe it’s time for me to change the visors on my other helmets…

AGV K6 S helmet with visor open

On a more technical side, the visor is 4.3 mm thick and designed to be anti-scratch with a 190° horizontal and 85° vertical field of view. When riding, the visor doesn’t go up as far as some of my other helmets, but the visibility is so amazing that I don’t feel the need to pull it up as often. Opening the visor is a bit complicated, as you need to press the button in the middle to unlock it, but it also ensures that everything closes up properly. However, to open the visor again you do need to press the button and push the visor up at the same time, using one hand for each, which isn’t the most ideal when you’re riding.

As I ride with it more, I find myself more used to it, but still a little complicated to do. The visor has 5 different opening levels, so it stays in place in the position desired, but the hook of the visor does drive me a bit crazy, as it stays in my eyeline but only when the visor is up.

chin button to unlatch the visor on AGV K6 S
The button to unlatch the visor

Replacement visors are definitely on the more expensive side, but come in a variety of colors.

AGV K6 S visors

The visors run between $108.95 and $130.95, depending on the color. With so many helmet designs and visor colors though, you can really make the helmet unique if you wish to do so.


Front intake vent on the AGV K6 S helmet

There are 5 adjustable vents on the front of the helmet, which is actually amazing, as well as 2 extractors hidden into the spoiler on the back. This helmet is designed to allow airflow for a variety of different riding positions, which is probably why it comes equipped with so many vents. Personally, for my bike the riding position provided a lot of airflow into the helmet.

Front view of a white AGV K6 S
Credit: AGV

Helmet Liner

Interior liner removed from the AGV K6 S helmet
First liner removed showing the helmet shell

The inner liner is comfortable and airy. It doesn’t feel like very heavy/thick fabric, which helps with the overall weight of the helmet while staying dry and breathable. I haven’t ridden in very cold temperatures, but for warmer weather the moisture wicking fabric works great.

The outer liner is waterproof, and so far has held up very well for me in the rain!

The liners are simple to remove and wash, as they’re only 2 pieces that snap in and out easily. The cheek pads are also emergency release, allowing someone else to more easily remove the helmet in case of an accident.

Eyewear Compatibility

The AGV website mentions that the fit of the helmet is specifically designed to allow eyewear. I tried, and honestly couldn’t get my glasses on. However, the helmet is still very tight on me as it’s brand new, so it’s very possible that glasses could fit once the padding has been stretched and more fitted to my face.

Noise Levels

The AGV K6 S is relatively quiet, especially with the neck roll in the back to prevent noise leakage.  In comparison with other helmets I own though, such as my Schuberth, it isn’t up to par. However, I think the K6 S makes up for it with the lightweightness and other features.

Bluetooth Compatibility

The AGV K6 S helmet is compatible with the AGV Ark communication system, which I haven’t personally used, but comes at a nice price point compared to other systems. Installation accessories are available on the AGV website.

Front view of the AGV K6 S helmet

Value for Money

With a price tag of $549.95 for the basic colors and up to $669.95 for specific designs, the AGV K6 S is a bit more on the pricey side, although nowhere near some of the AGV Pistas. The helmet is versatile with many technical features and a high level of protection. The only thing that surprises me is that at this price there isn’t a sun visor, but that may just be because many AGV riders like to change the visor.

Final Verdict

The helmet is well thought out and designed, and I especially appreciate its weight and versatility. There are a few technical features that I would change due to personal preference, but overall it’s a really premium helmet well suited for any type of rider.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great visibility
  • Versatile helmet for different bikes
  • Different shell sizes to accommodate different riders’ head sizes
  • High level of protection
  • Easy to integrate Bluetooth system


  • No sun visor
  • Complicated mechanisms


  • Manufacturer: AGV
  • Price: $550 USD
  • Colors: Black, Matte Petrolio, Matte Black, White, Nardo Grey
  • Sizes Available: XS up to 2XL
  • Review Period: December 2023 to January 2024