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Industry Insider: Ducati Snatches “Best Employer” Title Again

Bologna Celebrates Ten Straight Years of Employer Excellence

An employee looking at a motorcycle.
A view of an employer looking at a Ducati machine. Media provided by Ducati.

Did you know Ducati is considered one of the best employers in Italy? 

 – Neither did we, but based on the nine other trophies on the brand’s shelf, we’re thinking there’s some truth to the talk. 

According to a recent Ducati press release (published by Roadracing World), this year marks the tenth consecutive annum that Ducati has won an award for “Italian excellence in the field of Human Resources.”

Bottom line, Ducati has held a monopoly on Italy’s “best working conditions” – and for the Top Employers Institute, that includes top marks in the following categories: 

  • People Strategy
  • Work Environment
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Learning
  • Wellbeing
  • Diversity
  • Equity & Inclusion
Two employers in a Ducati factory.
Two employers working in a Ducati factory. Media provided by Ducati.

What does Ducati have to say about the award? 

Team Red celebrates two thousand employees and fourteen branches across our good earth – an expansion to bigger pastures calls for, in the Human Resources Director’s terms, “a company policy that places the person at the center of the strategy:”

At Ducati, each of us is part of one big family that wants to win and achieve success in all areas, thus contributing to the overall growth of the Company.

“Being certified Top Employer for the tenth consecutive year confirms the crucial importance that we attribute to the human component at Ducati and our commitment to encouraging and developing the talent and competences present within the Company.”

– Raffaella Ponticelli, Human Resources Director, Ducati (Roadracing World)

What do you think of Ducati’s new award?

*Media provided by Ducati (Roadracig World)*